Is my muzzleloader barrel ruined. Muzzleloader Differences in Point Blank Range. Muzzleloading Accuracy: Why We Still Dearly Need to Work Up Loads smokeless muzzle loader inc. I have seen many a barrel ruined or service life shortened by not cleaning. I don’t oil my muzzleloader barrels. All Knight replacement barrels are 100% American Made. Soak it in the solution for one week. I got it to fire, although it sounded pretty funny, and blew . This fits your . More muzzleloading rifles are ruined each year by neglect than any other type of firearm. Uses a hooked breech for easy barrel removal, adjustable sights and an oversized trigger guard. Look at your Siluetas Metalicas or Olympic Running Boar shooters. In the minds of many shooters who may come from a traditional muzzleloader background, the idea of cleaning a barrel . 50cal and I use 230 grain jacketed HP in a sabot. Dunno why you worry about its safety. I really like this rifle. Since muzzleloaders were easier to manufacture, early firearms were virtually all muzzleloaders. i have a custom 50 cal in 1/32 twist from them that was put on a H and R shotgun action. Louis Hawken I do think my 3-groove barrels require less brushing since they don’t copper-foul as much as other barrel types. Muzzleloader gunk starts affecting accuracy after a few shots (and makes them difficult to load). My two Benelli's, a 20 guage short stock Monty and an early H&K S90 M1 in Police configuration never had fowling problems. The Remington UML is fantastic. Joined Nov 15, 2007 · 1,738 Posts . The only damage is they smell like smoke. I have NEVER ruined a barrel by over cleaning it. There are rules for centerfire rifles, but nothing for muzzleloaders. I have one of their barrels on a Ruger MKIII pistol and love it but there is some erosion on the breech face. I had an extra old style bolt that I . Big slug, heavy load of powder and fairly light gun all attribute to it. The single most important factor in consistent precision throughout a shooting session is the management of black powder fouling. Unfortunately, he allowed a "friend" to talk him into letting him "fix up" the muzzleloader. Where this notion that long barrel are more accurate came from is a mystery to me. With a traditional-styled muzzleloader, this can be a real problem. Black power fouling and that produced by substitutes like Pyrodex® are loaded with potassium salts. muzzleloader barrel. Try sighting in again at 25yds with 3 shots then clean the barrel and let it cool for a few minutes. Hand lapped match barrels break in a little faster. Six Age-Old Muzzleloader Rules Put to the Test. Serving in contrast is a part that you can’t do without, a brass . " Working on building a sidelock 20mm bore muzzleloader from a 20 mm barrel. Getting to the point I bought a T/C Omega and tried several powders. Then the bullets began to load EASY. Sadly, for Murphy, he always has problems year after year. I then bought some screw removers and ended up breaking one in half trying to turn the breech plug out. Apply a solvent to the barrel and leave it for a little time. I keep a supply of . 50 caliber muzzleloader barrel that want to get rid of ?? Badly rusted, bent, dinged up, threads stripped -- all OK. I removed the barrel and placed it in my portable vice and proceeded to give the barrel as cleaning that lasted over two and a half strait hours. I also remove the breech plug and scrub the chamber really good with a copper brush, since the fouling that accumulates there can keep bullets from seating properly — and nothing destroys . How do I know what powders to use in my traditional side lock muzzleloader? For . These flash hiders will also NOT be removable. e. That green sabot is AWESOME. All 4 of my GM Fast Twist Barrels are 1” Across the Flats, And are in TC Renegade, and TC Hawken Stocks. How are they. Rice barrels has been known in the muzzleloading world for fine barrels for many years now, and with interest in muzzleloading growing, we wanted to sit down with Jason and learn more about how the record setting Rice Barrels are made. my max load for my inline is 150grain, i only shoot 90gr. Still, I spend a good deal of time and money working up loads that have the peak pressures as far down the barrel and as low (rarely over 50kpsi) as I can get them for a given muzzle . Remington Ultimate Hot Barrel Shooting Finale 8/19/2014. Terry is currently re-barreling 6 of my rifles. It's cost compared to the UF is over 50% less. " In this instance overall length is determining factor. I told him he could buy one of my rifles and that after season if the rifle looked as good as when he got it, and he wanted mind you, I'd buy it back. Attach a patch jag on the end of the barrel using a ramrod or a range-rod. You don't see any little wispy barrels or rifles that balance just ahead of the trigger guard there. Not sure I would do that with a crome lined barrel. Can't really say that about alot of other non-magnum rifles. Commercial patch lube (oil-based) can actually cause fouling in the barrel to increase. Especially if you don’t take the time to learn the art. so tested for 300grain my load doubled is 180. Always read beforehand the specific instructions on the particular solvent you are using. In a smoothbore musket I doubt you will ever know the difference, but that barrel is just a little bit bent where it was heated. This barrel maker also has a policy of voiding their warranty where evidence of abrasives have been used in the bore once the barrel . 395" diameter lead ball may be able to achieve 2,100 f. 260 barrels were on order. 870 with a rifled barrel for sabots, and it's scoped. A friend has a M700 with the first 6-8 inches ruined from rust. Once you put your muzzleloader away, it's not a bad idea to take it out a week or two later to look for signs of corrosion. My muzzleloader is as modern as it gets: a . Each issue is jam-packed with articles on hunting, shooting, gunsmithing, do-it-yourself projects, living history, American history, book and product reviews, and much more! The best in traditional muzzleloading--bar none! Long barrels carry easy and hold steady, and the swamping not only takes excess weight off, but puts what remains out where it does some good, at the front of the barrel. So I mentioned I bought a 2 liter barrel and have run several bourbon projects through it over the past few months with great success. It is a lot of fun and is stingy with lead and powder, but if I had to pick my number one all round BP favorites it would be my shotguns. It’s true and if take a look at the search results page listed below, I am sure that you will concur that eBay is the very best spot to look for Muzzleloader Barrels. Applied properly; there is no problem with using a reamer. I really don’t have a problem with the barrel being blued instead of stainless. With a 300-grain bullet in an average-length barrel, 110 and 120 grains of rifle-grade (FFg) powder is usually most efficient. As such by changing powders to a faster burn rate , a shorter . I am eventually going to take a buck in MO with every legal method. It’s a cap lock, with a slow twist barrel 1/60 I’d guess. The term "muzzleloader" applies to both rifled and . You can spin the reamer by hand and no significant cutting will occur unless you intend such. I would hate to do this with a "clean" barrel since I know how my T/C behaves. Thompson center offers a lifetime guarantee I believe. So I soaked the breech end of the barrel in kerosene for a week. They are tight but not too bad. Anything I can use to smooth the burrs?? Most muzzleloader hunters are concerned with the muzzle for obvious reasons. i sprayed some "pb blaster" into the action threads and let it sit while i was making a bushing to fit the barrel contour. I'm using Hornady sabots (green) with 240gr 44cal XTP's in my Encore muzzleloader 209x50 barrel. However, we also want to see if we got our deer, elk or pronghorn too. If you can see all the way through the barrel, it is unloaded. The overall length with the rifle barrels attached is 38. Never allow the barrel to point at anything that you do not wish to shoot. Definition for "crown" : The shaping of the point on a muzzle where the end of the bore intersects with the face of the end of the barrel. With . However, due to the ball's light 93-grain weight, at the muzzle the load is good for just a little over 900 foot-pounds of energy. The trigger pull measures three and one-quarter pounds on the sample . 36" long barrel with a 1-5/16" bore. The first thing that has to be determined before a person can go any farther is to decide whether a particular muzzleloader is, in fact, empty or loaded. Joined Nov 6, 2010 Messages 3,152. From sidelocks to inlines, living history to modern competition and muzzleloader hunting, we love muzzleloading. I use Thompson Center Maxi Hunter bullets lubed with bore butter in my White Mountain carbine and Buckwacka. Here you see me swabbing the barrel of my little . The U portion isn't big enough to allow the safety latch to fully release. Every muzzleloader is slightly different due to tolerances of barrel, breech plug, bullet, sabot, etc. battery is dead in the camera so pics will have to wait til tomorrow. I pushed it back, popped in a 209, and fired the first shot with 80 grains loose pyrodex mainly just to foul a barrel a little so the bullet would stay in place. "Muzzleloading Murphy" is our nimrod inline muzzleloader that we all know and love. 5 inches. The rifle is in pretty rough condition externally, and the bore was very pitted and dark; not a normal candidate for restoration, but my friend Kenny Durham in Boise, Idaho, likes to bring these relics back to life. I consider the 50X Stealth model to be the perfect muzzleloader for my kind of big game hunting. SMK's tend to foul less than anything else I shoot. Both barrels in my Benelli . 75" groups at 100 yards with Remington Accutip bullets and the green sabot. It seemed to work fine. My fries cleaned his hatsan like he would a powder burner and had to replace the barrel as it was all over the place afterwards. and whatever else you have. Put the muzzle in the bucket of hot water. I don't want to make a big investment (muzzleloader, mount, scope, and gear) for something I might shoot once a year in the field. While this works great to keep the water out of the muzzle, it usually doesn't last very . While it remains unclear to me why this is done, I firmly believe the barrel maker has good reason to do this. Only show this user. I have a fouled barrel since I know . I've heard of muzzleloader barrels being annealed, or heated for a time to relieve or equalize stresses. Very accurate! I want to do some varmit hunting using the . He just pays no attention . 020 patch and it loads easy by thumb and I never need the ball starter. Again, there's something to it. It's far better to notice the first signs of rust than it is to discover a ruined gun months down the road. I'm in no way an expert but I can say after shooting my muzzleloader at the range, it puts a good azz whippin on me. Warning! Smokeless powder loads are not for use in any other muzzleloaders. Or a product to brown the barrel. 5" down the barrel. It took a while to get the crud of the breech plug and receiver. Hopefully, future muzzleloading rifles designed for shotshell primers will incorporate automatic primer extraction, as does the “E-Z Tip” extractor on Thompson/Center’s Encore ML barrel. Five minutes later my barrel looked better than brand new (it came from the factory dirty). Large tub Step 1 Visually inspect your muzzleloader to ensure its completely unloaded. The barrel still has some bluing on it that I first need to take off. My BP Xpress 50X Stealth was custom made to my specifications and is the first one made using a Titanium Remington 700 action. 32 or . It was a 219 Donaldson Wasp in the Contender platform. I switched to the powerbelts, those two grouped and I was . If you can't remove the barrel, ensure the breach is closed and pour the solution into the barrel and fill it up. One of them is a CVA bol . I have a smooth bore 58cal trade gun 58cal. Roos & Sohn in Stuttgart. The barrel, triggerguard, buttplate, sideplate, and nosecap are of an all-steel construction and finished with a brown cerakote. My question is IF I find a 12 ga rifled barrel, would it fit and be safe to use. Barrel less than 18 inches and/or overall length less than 26 inches, stock altered, barrel cut down. 243 barrel which has never been fired. No in-lines, no scopes and no break-open breeches. D. My very first muzzleloader looked exactly like this rifle, and was originally purchased in . I was at my cabin and did not bring my full cleaning kit and against my better judgement kept shooting. Get yours today! Disc Extreme Muzzleloader Barrel Kit 26″ Stainless Steel Green Mountain Barrel Fits:Disc Extreme Muzzleloaders Muzzleloader Stock Questions? If you have questions about our DISC Extreme… In discussion with an inline shooter I learned my style of muzzleloader shooting works because I do not shoot sabots. They all have Tang Mounted peep sights, with 17 Series Globe Front sights, i use Lee . I have a CVA Optima V2 muzzleloader pistol on the way. I had the bright idea the bullet would clean a lot of the rust off for me. I have shot an entire Agg without cleaning, 60-70 shots or so including sighters and . If I was going to break in a . Pick a good . 45 Colt . We all know when we fire a muzzleloader there is a lot of smoke. It really puts a thump on Whitetail and will shoot flat out farther than I care to shoot. Step 2 Remove your barrel from the stock if possible. Pump my barrels with hot hot water afterwards. The guy that owns them doesn’t clean them either. 36''+ will get you more velocity but at a handling cost. That load quits burning about the time the bullet leaves the bore, which translates to the best accuracy, sharpest report and cleanest barrel. ” Traditions offers the Vortek StrikerFire™ LDR equipped with the StrikerFire system and a 30″ barrel for when distance counts. Then let it set muzzle down for a few minutes to complete draining. Welded up the lug and turned and milled. I didn’t buy this Rifle for the barrel (I suspected it would be junk) i bought it for the Stock and accessories for a Brand New Green Mountain LRH Barrel in . If you are . My current idea is to take the barrel off and swap it with a barrel in either a . Barrel now seems to have had its enema, and I will see how it shoots this week. In this article, I’ll give you eight muzzleloader hunting tips to help you bag the big one. that can be operated to see if the barrel is clear, the ramrod becomes the checking device. Having left the barrel wet with solvent, use a properly fitted bronze brush soaked with solvent to make several passes. Proper barrel cleaning of centerfire rifles and handguns demands a quality solvent and liberal application of a bore brush to remove built-up fouling that can be detrimental to barrel life and accuracy. Here is my story, took Dads old muzzleloader out this season and after a good cleaning I noticed two rings in the barrel where it looks like a bullet was jammed and cut into the lands right above where it was supposed to be seated. Black Powder - Muzzleloader Hunt Ruined Today - Decided to get serious about killing a deer this afternoon. ) a weapon that is loaded from the muzzle end (the open end) of the weapon. lol Just dont double load it, thats what ruined my original barrel. Problem is the rifling would spin the shot. My experience with bad bores most recently was with a neglected Knight. Or you can shoot the heck out of it and it should clean up in 2-400 rds. If you do accidentally drop your muzzleloader and plug the barrel, unload the muzzleloader and then thoroughly clean the barrel before you attempt to fire it. what is the main function of the muzzleloader barrel. An oversized bush with Isso on carbon rings. One of my "comrade in arms", who's horse had been stung and was out of control, came out of nowhere right across my barrel just as the revolver discharged. When using a muzzleloader, using spit patches (yes, spit from your own mouth) can dramatically reduce the fouling in the barrel and avoid having to clean during a multi-shot hunt or trail walk. Add into this my personal experience with cleaning was that I'd run a patch down the bore and the jag would stick down there and end my shooting session. Most of the barrels were not . Two Pyrodex Triple Seven pellets deliver just that. I am getting 2525fps with 110gr (weighed) BH209. Hello. This can occur because of forgetting to put the powder in before the bullet. My FIL's barrel was good to go after a ramrod launching but his stock cracked along the wrist. I've been using Black horn 209 hoping it would make for an easier clean because it's . W e welcome all inquiries, and will work with those that are considering offering their own line of products, whether muzzleloader kits, custom built muzzleloaders or fowlers, replacement or repair of antique weapons, or retailing gun parts. Often around double the caliber is considered the max safe charge (100 grains in a . Keep Dirt out of Your Rifle Barrel. Browse Antique Shotguns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. 50 cal, . An interesting side note; my newer model M1 Garand has an older Springfield Armory receiver built in 1942, but my older model ’03-A3 has a newer Remington receiver built in 1943! Maximum loads vary from barrel to barrel and gun to gun, and pushing your muzzleloader too far can be dangerous, so consult a competent gunsmith familiar with muzzleloaders. I purchased a KP1 recently from a buddy of mine that came with three barrels. I tried the Hornady sabots (black) with the 45 calb bullets and they were too tight to load and shoot out of the same barrel gun. Often mistakenly called a "sawed off shotgun. I use a light coating of Ox-Yoke Wonder Lube in my barrel after I clean the blackpowder residue out with hot water. Next comes the RR channel . It jarred it enough to drop the firing pin and it ruined the barrel. I do a lot of stalking. 36 cal. i made my barrel vise and action wrench similar to some commercial ones i have seen pictures of. Make sure that any old . My buddie just ruined an awesome elk hunt because of this and not knowing how to deal with it. A variety of different styles and shapes of crowns have evolved to meet specific shooting needs. When I loaded the . Most new American barrels are made of the very worst steel that can be . I have a muzzleloader barrel that I would like to produce a dark grey aged patina look to it. 32 caliber Traditions Crockett Rifle, a squirrel killin' dandy, a round ball shootin' marvel. 50-caliber muzzleloading barrel dimensions must measure. gonna see about getting a smoothbore barrel for it. 50 caliber CVA Accura Mountain Rifle in Black Nitride, nonetheless, it is not immune to the laws of chemistry. some of your posts had me concerned about removing my first barrel from a 700. Never attempt to load and fire a muzzleloader for the first time without an experienced muzzleloader shooter present. It's close to an 8 bore rifle, but the rifling is a faster twist so I'll be using . barrel won't blow but hurts shoulder like heck, like shootin a 425 grain bulled at 90 grain instead of 225 grain i . Pour gun cleaning/rust remover solution into a tub. That carried over to my rifle, and when I woke up, my Winchester was covered with flash rust. That's with a standard glove just cutting one finger off and putting it on the end of the barrel. The guy I took it to drilled and tapped the barrel, when I got home I ran a patch down the barrel and discovered that two of the tapped holes went threw into the bore. ” The ignition system uses a . Right or wrong, my brain wants to believe a shorter barrel should be more accurate most of the time, than a long barrel. 50-caliber inline rifle. Basic Member Join Date Nov 2013 Location Clark C . The barrel that in process of manufacture is brought to its final diameter by slow, careful lapping, is likely to be a more accurate barrel than one that is not lapped. First is to put a rubber balloon over the end of the muzzle. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Status Offline. 50 caliber rifles and 50 to 100 grains of 2F in . I'd like to temporarily turn my shotgun into a . ya, so I basically got my guns in the story mixed up. This is due mainly to the corrosive nature of black powder fouling and the rapid effects it has on barrel steel. If you have a large bore, 58cal would work. well i started building my new muzzleloader, and i ran into a problem, i cant seem to get the barrel tenon into the dovetail in the barrell, i tried using a rubber mallet, but it didnt help, i didt know if i should try to deepen the dovetail, or what to do, so if any of you guys that have built muzzleloaders from kits could help me on this it would be apreciated. "Something's wrong with my muzzleloader!" Murphy cries, almost every year. This is the first page of the three page article. To avoid this problem, they insert a long tube down the barrel and pour the powder down that so that all the powder collects neatly in the . For some reason I don't understand, I never had a problem with plastic fowling after that in the Remy. Yes you can ruin your airgun barrel by cleaning it with the wrong items. the model is the St. Two collector grade semi auto rifles, one 50 year old collector grade Colt . Walleye Message Central > Hunting Central > Archery, Blackpowder, Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns. Category robert fischer kerri strug. Never reversed a brush while in the bore and carefully started the brush on the return stroke, along with bore guides. Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Company 555 ijames Church Road Mocksville, NC 27028 (336)492-2614 I have a NEF 50 cal muzzleloader with the iron frame that has what looks like color case hardening on the frame. So for the best Ac-curacy, what's needed is a way to clean the . Muzzleloaders are like shoes. I have no gunsmithing experience other than changing triggers in a couple firearms and regular maintenance things, but I am pretty capable with tools. I rinsed the barrel, several times and it still reeks of . It is . are in the 200-250 grain range. most other front stuffers are tested at double the max load for proofing of the barrel. Remove a Muzzleloader Ball Sooner Rather Than Later. use FFFG powder, FFFFG is for the flash pan on a flintlock gun and 8-10 grains is what we recommend in the flash pan. March-April 1978 Muzzleloader May-June 1978 Muzzleloader These two ads were run in Muzzleloader in the first half of 1978. I use this combo in the rifle also, then . The DISC Extreme Muzzleloader Barrel Kit is a great choice when you need a new barrel for your black-powder rifle. I bought this barrel way back when, for way too much. It is the perfect load for a modern . The first shot is always high and right and then center of the bull until I clean the barrel. The bullets come pre-lubed though I add a coat of tubed bore butter before pushing them down the barrel. The nature of the powder is that it build pressure the full length of the barrel until such time as there is no resistance to and the pressure is vented . Please see the Barrels page for more information regarding that. Took it up north to my buddy's place and hunted turkeys in the morning and worked in his machine shop in the afternoon. We expect it. Practice Makes Perfect. If there is any solvent or lubri-cant residue after cleaning, it will screw up your accuracy. But, the power charge would not go off. 40 cal stainless semi auto pistols, What didnt get ruined, my Ruger stainless SAA in . When you’ve done the proper work off the . 562 ball and . the wrench . Note: the breech fitting to the barrel is done before I even start on anything else . The old school of thought is to keep all petroleum products from your muzzle loader as one of the reasons being it will ruin the "seasoning" of the bore. Is this barrel going to shoot OK. 28'' to 30'' is good and for the best. I already have a scope mount for using with my slug barrel. 13. I have a 12 gauge Rem. Modern muzzleloading hunting forum & muzzle loading classifieds. Search, buy and sell Shotguns on GunStar today! This deer muzzleloading season I refused to loan one of my rifles to a very close friend of mine. Today I tried a few out after my casting session and after putting the powder in and loading the bullet, I turned the gun muzzle-down and heard the bullet sliding down the barrel, stopping a few inches shy of the muzzle. Wearing the muzzleloader barrel, the Rossi weighs in at seven pounds and five ounces, and the weight is about the same with the other barrels attached. It is the "Muzzleloading Murphy's Law," and Murphy fights it every year . One company can have a . You may move prematurely and change your cheekweld before the bullet exits the barrel—and that will cause a miss. When cleaning my muzzleloader, can I just unscrew the nipple, blast the bore with a hose, dry the inside, then be done with it? Seems like it'd be a lot faster in loosing up the residue, and getting like 80% of it out. 360 balls. Long story short, and a few brews later, I ran that magic elixir through my barrel, waited a respectable amount of time, and pulled stuff from my barrel for a good hour or so. 45 with presentation box and a cylinder that had never been turned! Two new never fired . I use Winchester Triple Seven primers and (2) 50 grain Triple Seven Pyrodex pellets. I have two questions: First is how do I take off all the old bluing on the barrel? Second, What steps do I take to produce a nice dark grey patina look to my barrel? Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated . I picked up a TC muzzleloader from a pal at a good price and the barrel had some rust in it as it had been left loaded and uncleaned. 1: Choose the Right Gun. Ohio Rusty ><> First, the Remington is a great muzzleloader. It would be ill-advised to attempt to shoot any ancient relics dredged up from a 16th century galleon or anything else equivalently antiquated, as the barrel may burst spectacularly when fired and severely maim or kill you, ending your illustrious career of oxygen piracy for good. Recoil sucks though. The first shot out of a clean barrel can be as much as 6" out of the group at 100 yards. I have a H&amp;R huntsman . Smokeless Muzzleloading. The first step is to gather the necessary components, and these will vary depending on style of gun and projectile type. smokless powder is much higher pressure, so i can see the kreiger blowing/ bulging. yet very stiff, Lothar-Walther barrel. 3 The CVA Wolf or Optima muzzleloader you have purchased is one of the most advanced and easy to use rifles in the muzzleloading market. I run one dry patch through the barrel before reloading to clean out most of the Wonder Lube. A bullet fired from a rifle or handgun has a spiral spin that keeps it point-first in flight, increasing accuracy and distance. This is distinct from the modern (higher tech and harder to make) designs of breech-loading firearms. No hole shooters involved. As you work the swab back and forth the entire length of the barrel, it creates a suction, pulling hot soapy water inside the barrel through the nipple hole and the clean-out screw hole, then forcing it out of the barrel via the same two holes. I could feel some burrs catch the patch. I . J E CUSTOM. 40 caliber round ball rifle stuffed with as much as 100-grains of FFFg black powder and a patched . Any barrel we build for the commercial market that has a 14. Full cure overnight with 1 hour workability . 243 and closed . The reason for this is that a) smokeless powder has longer burn rate . It's a huge hole that is wide open to all the elements. 50-caliber barrel that measures . A lot is made of shooting from a CLEAN barrel but the barrel must also be CONSISTENT. Having a factory made barrel that fits . Use it with confidence, to fix irregular edges of inletting, and to stop moisture penetration! It is offered in a deep brown color, mixes equally one to one and hides well. If that is true, this is a myth that has hung on for over 50 year. Oddly enough, it came from bringing the rifle into my tent. Muzzleloader had a write-up on Sharon in the May-June 1978 issue which gave a good review of their operations. This pamphlet will teach It turns out my rifle was built by Remington in August, 1943 which coincides with the date stamp of 7/43 on the ruined barrel. Once the barrel is proper , then I then fit the breech and tang to the stock . diameter and proper bullet fit, and the factory barrel that has been finished to maximum bore size without lapping, might be so enlarged by lapping later on that accuracy would be ruined. It would have been a very desirable collector's item worth thousands of dollars. what is the main function of a muzzleloader barrel Contact; Products A 28- or 30-inch barreled . This assumes that you are using the polyurethane formulation, not the cyanoacrylate formulation. Took it up north to my buddy's place and hunted turke . Unlike smokeless powders, black powder is measured by volume, not weight. Is the barrel ruined?? If not, I suggest checking HS with another bolt just to be sure. It’s important to find a process that works and practice it regularly. Advertisement All of these best practices apply regardless of whether you're using a traditional flintlock or a very advanced modern muzzleloader like the Remington 700 UML or CVA Paramount . Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. The barrel is thick and has spiraling grooves cut or pressed into the bore. Do not try to hurry up and see around the smoke. 500-inch, another can measure . I routinely use a light turning to clean up questionable or troublesome chambers. If adjustments have to be made to your scope then swap the barrel and let it cool and try it again. The lack of info on them is holding me up. But both will have reamer marks in the throat, some worse, some better. pyrodex is the one that is even more corrosive a lot of good barrels ruined to people who thought because to was a sub they didn't need to clean. MUZZLELOADER BARREL PITTING. Just tamped it with some grass. I built my own muzzleloader and I need to brown the barrel and stain the stock. Oct 21, 2018 #2 That's why I shoot out the load at the end of every hunting day. Now we will move on to loading mechanisms. We also use Windex as a patch lube. Muzzleloader season is coming up. Exceeding these loads is dangerous and unnecessary. I couldn’t find any Sharon Rifle Barrel Co. The lug was ruined and extractor welded up. Continue doing this until the . They hand lap the entire bore, and not only the leade/throat area. Well truth be told, Ive done it too. REM OIL RUINED MY GUNS! Seven years ago I cleaned and lubricated my guns with Rem Oil. But . I decided to throw the last 200ml of a cuervo 1800 Blanco in it for a couple weeks and got a nice anejo. With muzzleloaders, there is always a chance of getting a bullet stuck in the barrel. Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader Frequently Asked Questions. Some of the allegedly very best muzzleloading riflemen do not pour their powder charges down the barrel where some of the powder might not fall all the way to the breech, but due to static electricity, might adhere to the barrel side not all the way down. Probably 2 or 3 ounces . It looks like most bullets for the 45 cal. Muzzleloading is a hands-on sport for many shooters, and one of the best ways possible to get a "real" hands-on experience is building a muzzleloader by hand. This patent-pending rifle . When the barrel is flushed to your satisfaction, withdraw the rod from the barrel and take the barrel out of the solvent. December 17, 2021 MUZZLELOADER BARREL PITTING. My last barrel was ordered in September 2021. Imo the idea of a center fire barrel being more accurate with longer barrels is comparing apples to oranges. Number one: I have never shot a muzzleloader. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Glad your OK! 01-22-2014, 12:24 AM #8. Had one of the local cleaning companies drop off 8 guns that were in a house fire to be cleaned. Some of my first shots have been at 200 yards. 4. Federal law states that all rifle barrels must be no shorter than 16″ in overall length (unless you file the appropriate paperwork and pay a $200 tax). I’m a little unsure if I like the idea of a 45 cal. I just got it back a couple days ago to find that it has been loaded since last season. This product is structural; meaning that it will stand up to shock underneath or beside the barrels breech, or in locations under stress such as wood screws, lock or tang screws. This week we’re talking with Jason Schnieder, owner of Rice Barrel Company. 45 cal. 54 calibers. With benchrest rifles, I clean every other group or so–that’s about ten shots plus sighters. Accuracy: +7. With every hunt, something seems to go wrong, and it is always that gol' durn gun that has the gremlins. In fact, the old "dead iron" rifle barrels, of very soft metal, used to be preferred, as they did not "whip" or vibrate as steel barrels can. Anything I can use to smooth the burrs?? If you let the barrel get gunked up you will be all over the place and have a hard time trying to zero it in. I used the 50 cal to bring down a doe this year which is my first muzzleloader kill. 50 caliber. I swore I'd never go back to smokeless powder after I got my Savage mz but the last day of the 2013 season my sling broke and the gun fell muzzle first on a rock. Scrub my wet soapy barrels with a bronze bristle brush. I will continue, as I have for 40 years, to clean my barrels after each match. SINCE 1974, MUZZLELOADER has been the leading magazine devoted to traditional black powder hunting and shooting. He asked me to . I well remember a customer years ago coming into my shop with an original, signed, North Carolina mountain rifle made in the 1850s by a well-known maker. com/channel/UC9lKk6eHXGMtAirQ6WXXspg/join Muzzleloader. Whether your gun is a Buck Rogers muzzleloader like mine, or a flintlock — the . 50 cal that I loaned to my brother last year. Is this a true story? Why yes, it surely is. This worked great with the coned barrel but years later I read one of Mike's articles about his Hawkens and he talked about a smaller ball and thicker patch combo, I tried it on my new . The two rifle barrels measure twenty-three inches in length, and the shotgun barrel is twenty-eight inches. This is my personal take. I am punching . 243 and 45-70. It is, of course, long gone, but I think it speaks to the disposability of the barrels on these old guns. I was going to shot it to unload it even with all the fowling and rust. I'm using Hoppe's Elite gun oil that came with my muzzleloader cleaning kit. 45 caliber Douglas barrel. The ODNR regulations are pretty vague. We were going to cut it down to 12" to fix the barrel and make it handier. any length. Antique firearms are usually divided into two basic types: Muzzleloader: This kind of firearm has a projectile or propellant charge that is loaded from the muzzle (the open end of the barrel) of the gun. Heater was set up to 21C but now I set it up to 11C and nothing changed. 58 Hawken pistol which didn't have a coned barrel and it works great! I went to a . But the groups were horrible. The hot side of the barrel expanded more than the other, so it bent a little from the non-uniform heating. Water that hasn't evaporated dry. Traditions Firearms has taken up the mantra of long range muzzleloading by producing rifles with barrels that are more suited for burning large powder charges. I got the patches to come out about 95% still white and bore back to a mirror finish, but the pitting caused by the rust was so bad it was easily visible to the naked eye by simply holding the barrel up to the light and looking up it. . With that first fouling shot on the barrel, 1" groups are very common but on a clean barrel, that first shot can be anywhere in that 12" circle. Link to commen . Any . 54 Cal Renegade barrel i had tucked under the Bed. The barrel being relined in this feature is from a ’73 Winchester manufactured in 1889 and chambered in . Maximum loads vary from barrel to barrel and gun to gun, and pushing your muzzleloader too far can be dangerous, so consult a competent gunsmith familiar with muzzleloaders. Question . The least I would ever cut a Muzzleloader barrel would be 26". 36 caliber to shoot squirrels and rabbits with. Crazy as it sounds, there are no governing rules that say what a . youtube. When determining if a muzzleloader is empty, never blow down the barrel, and never cap and fire the gun. 45/70 ruined barrel converted to muzzleloader finally shoots « on: September 25, 2010, 11:47:45 AM » I bought this barrel way back when, for way too much. My preference for a barrel cleaner is: Dawn Detergent Dish Soap. my barrel is spotless except for the rust spots 1. Ammo makes a difference also. This is achieved by the rifling inside the barrel, from which the rifle got its name. Even my hand loaded ammo is so expensive that the cost of wearing out my upper mid range barrels is but a small fraction of the cost of the ammo needed to do so (as long as I don’t let the barrels get hot). I clean my smoke poles with hot water , sometimes I use a cleaning product called "simple green". All I've ever . use FFG or FFFG powder, for . Most muzzleloader hunters are concerned with the muzzle for obvious reasons. Re: A few muzzleloader questions. ads in 1977. The top of the barrel near the action is stamped “U. combination of velocity and usefulness 30'' to 34'' Is about the limit. On a flintlock or a caplock, you need to use the ramrod. The first loading mechanism we will consider is the muzzleloader (i. Loads, tips, and shooting for the Savage muzzleloader, SMI smokeless and other muzzleloaders approved for smokeless ONLY. Does anyone have a junk . Things from terrain to shooting skills to budget are factors when selecting the right gun. 40 caliber in 1963 by another black powder burner. Modern muzzle loading forums for inline muzzleloading, white muzzleloaders, bullet casting, smokeless, sidelock, traditional. and up use FFG powder, for . My first shots are normally with in a 1 . (I am gritting my teeth as I . 1. Perhaps we think long barrel are more accurate, because they have a longer sight radius when using iron sights. Taking a dry patch, wipe the bore two strokes, turn the patch over and repeat. I use bow-wax smeared around the sabot. it probably sat for an hour and a half before i got it clamped in the vise and wrench. It is 50 caliber and when I get a buck with it I can check off muzzleloader and pistol. He fixed it up alright! He polished the octagon barrel with a buffer . There is significant fouling that occurs here and loading is a bear due to restriction in this spot. Doing a little research it seems a fair amount of Die hard muzzleloader hunters are preferring the 45 cal over the 50. Commonly used loads in rifled muzzleloader barrels are: 30 to 70 grains of 3F in . Im a beginner so the easier these two products are to apply the better. 502-inch or . There is a problem there, but as a few previous posts have indicated, not one which can't be remedied. As you might have guessed, the muzzleloader barrel will have to be thoroughly cleaned after this process is done, but this method has yet to fail me. It’s important to keep the brush wet, so reapply solvent after every couple of passes. A stuck muzzleloader ball is something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. I can't get the breech plug out the there is a lot of rust. I got few fermenting barrels which say that they are ruined by temeperature, its 20C. Photo of a welded on Vortex Flash Hider . Also, keep in mind . The terrific thing is that the moment you click and product listed below, then you could look at all the terrific product images and an in-depth description to make certain that it is the perfect product that you are searching for. It would lock up on the frame but would not fire. From all the loud cussing at me as his horse was galloping away from the melee fight, I guess it must have hurt. , from the forward, open end of the gun's barrel). Condom Style Rubber Cap has Great Flexibility to Support All Muzzle Size. Enhance your purchase. Even if I store with bore butter I always run dry patches down the barrel before shooting. It is my belief that back then a gun was used until the barrel was no longer any good, and then thrown back into the forge and . I know my scopes sure haven't had alot of fun sitting on top of it. Securely Cover the Muzzle without Worrying Getting Off. s. And, I was really surprised because I had not used the "magic elixir" since my muzzleloader . The bore . Because of their chemical compositions, black powder and the black powder substitutes (including Triple Seven) leave a hard residue (called fouling) in the bore after each shot and unless steps are taken, layers of this fouling build up with each shot until the . With a 6BR or 6PPC barrel used in competition, cleaning every 15 shots or so seems reasonable. I removed the nipple and added some fresh powder. Swab & Heat the Rifle Barrel. It is no different with muzzleloaders that shoot copper-clad sabot bullets. The . 50 cal. More specifically if I put a 15" muzzleloader barrel on my T/C encore with a shoulder stock, would that be considered an NFA item? Thanks. Two days about 16 hours in the shop. Rifling in the Bore. No patch lube should be put into the gun and left there long term. Is this true? Ive put over 200 rounds through it the first day. A match grade barrel will settle back in after the first round fired after cleaning. Saw a New York State Rolling Block with perfect bore near ruined with that combination. A muzzleloader is any firearm into which the projectile and the propellant charge is loaded from the muzzle of the gun (i. Answer (1 of 10): Having dealt with gorilla glue in tight spaces before, I am going to offer this relatively complicated advice. Then liberally apply to a fresh cleaning patch a good amount of OX/Yoke Wonder Lube and plunge . Black Nitriding is an incredibly good surface treatment for firearms, but I wouldn't trust it to totally resist the corrosive effects of blackpowder over time. When I’m on the range, I swab my barrel with a cleaning patch, followed by a dry patch, every three shots. One caution though, I've seen this on several guns including my stainless barrel, some gloves cause rust and corrosion very quickly, like as in the same day you put it on the bluing is ruined, or the stainless is discolored by the end of the day. Or, a bullet can get stuck halfway down the barrel due to not sufficiently cleaning the fouling between shots. The bad news is these salts are extremely . Let the bore soak with Kroil letting nature take it's . Before you load, make sure your firearm is unloaded. It's 4 days long. “The heat and humidity from us hunters in the tent caused condensation to form on the canvas walls. However, if the overall length is 26 inches or more and barrel less than 18 inches, this weapon would still be classified as a firearm under the Act. Later, in camp, he was still grumpy about it, so I had to carefully and gently explain that it was his horse's fault he got . My best example of this is using Pyrodex RS on a clean barrel with a Knight Wolverine. Looking for a barrel that is Octagon. If you want to destroy a barrel use Hoppe's #9 to clean Pyrodex. Avoid using anything metal like metal rods as they will damage the rifling, or the crown. W e are here to serve the individual client, our dealers, distributors, clubs and museums. Legal to cut down a muzzleloader barrel? By spikehunter, September 7, 2012 in Curio, . The one that we shot was a 1/2 scale model that had a 4" O. With a fresh cleaning patch its plunged up & down the bore to near being too taught to pull out. can be trusted. Muley Hunter Well-Known Member. For a swamped barrel, you will need to directly layout the barrel channel on the stock using the barrel itself. 32 and . 5″ length will have a flash hider welded onto the end to make the overall length over 16″. Mark the spot on the . Hotolds442. Loading Mechanisms: Muzzleloader. A carpenters pencil with one side cut away giving you a long flat surface (I use my disk sander to sharpen my pencil) to lay up against the flat of . My muzzy is a modern break open style with a carbine length 24" barrel. Dolomite. Needing some ruined project barrels in . The best options are custom fit to you. Saw it happen on a . p. It weighs slightly over six pounds and feels as light as a . Don’t dip the brush in the solvent bottle, as this will contaminate the remaining solvent. As long as the geometry of the "contact points" (back end of the sleeve, recess for the extractor) is OK the erosion might be ugly but . Shotgun primers are not interchangeable with percussion caps, but some in-line rifles with percussion-cap ignition can be converted to shotshell priming by changing the breech plug. I tried to unscrew the breech plug with a socket and ended up rounding off the hex head. You are going to have to very carefully layout the barrel channel by tracing along the outside flats of the barrel with a sharp pencil. Discussion Starter · #14 · Jun 23, 2012. 45 Cal is my Green Mountain LRH Barrel which has a 1:30 Twist. there are a lot of black powder solvents on the market , mainly they are to sell you something you don't really need what you need to do is flush the corrosive salts from your barrel The . Then use a finish reamer to cut chamber to fit your choice of bolt (s). When I bought the rifle from him in early 1965, it had a . It came with the locking bolt Al showed. With an inline muzzleloader, this is easy: open the breech, ensure there is no primer on the nipple, then look through the hole in the nipple. 32-20. 45 caliber rifles; 50 to 90 grains of either 2F or 3F in . For lube I use bore butter. I have made 3 cannons and my dad has made 5 or 6. The barrel also looks like Tactical Solutions or similar aluminum barrel with a steel sleeve in the bore. Flintlock muzzleloader of any caliber, smooth bored or rifled on the inside of the barrel. These could include the gun, powder or pellets, projectile, patch, cap, powder measure, bullet lubricant, ramrod, and (short) bullet starter. I've heard of muzzleloader barrels being annealed, or heated for a time to relieve or equalize stresses. The charges were pre made and wraped in foil so they could be loaded easily. Muzzleloading can also be tedious and frustrating. If there is powder in the gun, it is still loaded. Loading a muzzleloader, black powder pistol or black powder rifle is a relatively simple process. Have faith, the barrels are tougher then you think. There are two ways you can take care of this end of your gun. it’s the very first thing I do . Take the ramrod and insert it full length into the barrel. So, as you suggest, the metal would be soft. The deed to my family's land, drawn up in the early 1800s, has one of the corners marked by a "musket barrel planted in the [river] bank, surrounded by a cairn". Hold the barrel above the level of the solution in the can to let it drain for about 30 seconds. , my experience with factory barrels. Now I set my cast line to the stock and adjust the centerline of the tang to that cast then inlet the tang . It is not on the list of G2 chambering. 19. i shoot black horn 209 powder and it literly can keep a hole slightly ragged . I consulted broadly with my barrel maker when my custom . A co-worker has informed that since I didnt clean my barrel after the first 25 rounds, that I have ruined my new 10-22. Always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction when loading. I completely stripped the barrel of it’s parts and used them on a REALLY nice old . Other additional features include: double set hunting trigger, brass patch box and thimbles, synthetic ramrod, complete assembly, shooting . Shoot through it! Pack of 20. 54 Cal (Affectionately known as my “White Wale” Barrel) Which i now have fitted in this Stock . No. THAT IS A MYTH. ALL helpful comments . Unbiased muzzleloading news on all aspects of muzzle loading culture. He says I need to "break in the barrel by shooting 20-25 rounds and clean it, then repeat for four to five times to break in the barrel correctly. Both modern and antique arms are popular with collectors. I have an unusual muzzleloading, small-bore, under-hammer rifle in my collection. Recommended Muzzleloaders for 2014: And Why. Like a crossbow, the longer barrel gives the bullet a longer “power stroke. Instead, follow these steps. The Blackhorn shot the best and wasn't as . Color: Black. Anything I can use to smooth the burrs?? Do any if ya'll have any experience with the front stuffer barrels for the 500s? I've been knocking it around between my ears for a while now and have about decided on one. Move target out to 100 yds and make 3 shots and see where they group. So keep a close eye on that. Is there anything I can do to save my gun or is it lost? I have went a year with my Remingon muzzleloader loaded due to carelessness and forgetfullness. IMO a 30'' barrel is ideal. And if you could include instructions on how to apply both of the products. i cut off the sabot relief at the end of the barrel and shoot paperpatched bullets in it. I shoot the same load, less the ramrod of course. I have one heater in the room. Making Sure the Muzzleloader Is Empty. i do not use smokeless powder in it as that is a **** shoot in any gun no matter what they say. Never heard of one being intentionally hardened. I removed the rust by polishing the receiver and the barrels with a cloth and gun oil. i should not have driven by that hog trap. Place the breech end in the water. Why take the . We used to shoot a 1-1/4" ball, a piece of bar or no projectile. I have a poor boy style squirrel rifle that shoots . Maintaining uniformity and consistency of the crown is important as this is the last point of the bore that . what is the main function of a muzzleloader barrel Contact; Products I consulted broadly with my barrel maker when my custom . That made the . But this guy's had three muzzleloaders (two he bought one he borrowed) and all three of them are nothing but rusted junk. Sure, their rifles would be a real bear to carry in the . I think the barrel developed a crud ring at the bulge. Instead put some solvent in small container and dip the brush into that. Maybe he can weigh in on my sucess or lack thereof, with my cleaning methods. OH NO! I ruined my barrel with a bronze brush!!!Join this channel to get access to perks:https://www. it has a ton of oil in it and still gets rusty. I had a muzzleloader that I had bored and recrowned at the muzzle so the speed loader would fit and cause the projectile to be properly aligned with the bore. Do any if ya'll have any experience with the front stuffer barrels for the 500s? I've been knocking it around between my ears for a while now and have about decided on one. Get a muzzleloader with the proper length of pull for you, a trigger that you like, and that’s of a comfortable weight and barrel length for your style of . r0bb6ub9 · Registered. My rifle will take magnum charges but after experimenting with 150 grains instead of 100 . 50 Cal Targets are also Green Mountain LRH Barrels, they have a 1:28 Twist. Can anyone recomend a color for the stock. The result was I could load and fire faster and more accurately. Considering there are not any convenient levers, bolts, slides etc. 50 caliber rifle), but if shooting an antique rifle or pistol or a new rifle or pistol with a thinner barrel profile, the max charge may . Our test of modern muzzleloaders, loads, and propellants blows away some of the most commonly held beliefs about in-lines—and ­reveals what .

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