Legolas x oblivious reader. His fingers ran along the skin of your cheek. You are reading. You felt yourself dozing off, pointed ears twitching every now and then. Legolas comes just in time and saves the day like the hero he is. However, she was born after her brother, who would take the throne from her mother and father. Log in Sign up. ” Legolas flushed. Famed through out elves for her skill with a bow and dual swords, does she really know what she’s getting into when she joins the fellowship? . it is uncommon but possible. “The hobbits and Gimli will Legolas may be clever, but he is by no means organized. . They reached a Rocky outcrop on the hill they had been climbing and decided to wait there for the others. Batman x pregnant reader 8 hours ago · Aug 21, 2018 · Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia. '' Welcome legolas-'' but cut off. I shivered at the sensation. Legolas shot him a glare and wrapped an arm around your waist. He smiles lovingly. Summary: you joined the fellowship on their quest, and caught the attention of a certain elf. Along their journey, bonds are formed and broken as they attempt to reconcile personal and historical grievances when identities and pasts are revealed. 8 hours ago · Aug 21, 2018 · Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia. When he noticed whose body it was attempting to move in a small patch of bloodied grass, he threw his broken bow to the side, collapsing into whatever clear patch of ground there was left. Now that her father and her uncle Legolas and Aragorn were outside, most likely making small talk as you sunk into your covers. “I’m the best man. He lowered himself a little and placed a loving kiss on my lips. ” Legolas and you were always flirting over the adventure yet you didn’t want to over read his smiles and subtle brushes of hands. Warnings: Swearing, very much fluff, and trash writing. You both end up confessing your feelings for each in the midst of battle. He guided me to the bed and pushed me gently so that I fell on my back. Legolas ordered and helped me get up. The morning of his departure is the worst. 6 hours ago · Wolf x reader lemon knot Todoroki x reader quirk marriage lemon. “Oh come on, (y/n)! You chuck a fist sized rock into oblivion, unbeknownst to you from a spot higher up on the rocky edge, Aragorn has walked over to Legolas, deciding to figure out his elven friends innermost feelings. Thranduil x blind reader An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Rushing back down the halls, you see a group of elven maids, giggling to themselves, their eyes look you up and down in disgust. Legolas kisses your forehead gently, cradling your head with his soft hands. She stayed by his side, shooting and slashing and doing all that she could to protect herself, but, more importantly, Legolas. He approaches you last, even after saying goodbye to his father, who is glaring daggers at you. Pairing: Legolas x Reader. The Prince climbed on top of me and placed himself on all fours facing me. You hide behind a wooden pillar as you spot two of them either side of the door. But right now, you could tell he was hurt and upset. Reader | Fanfiction Romance Legolas Original Character Original Female Character Legolas X Reader . I just really wanted to get a one-shot out whilst . WARNING/ summary: This has sensitive subjects in it such as rape and assault. If she had to die for him, she would. *” Legolas smiled down at you and placed a kiss to your forehead. Warning: Violence and injury. When the girl's mother informed her she was going to be married, the young elven princess was excited. “You win sweetheart. ” Involuntary Princess (Legolas X reader) 105K 3. This is an older one where Thranduil x blind reader Legolas may be clever, but he is by no means organized. You were confused. “Is she ready?,” Legolas turned to you, taking one of his hands from your as he placed it on the side of your face. Pairing: Legolas x Reader Word Count: 899 Warnings: fluff, violence against orcs, character injury, mention of blood, really this is just fluff Summary: Legolas tries to impress you during an orc attack Originally posted by iamjaynaemarie “I drank many more beers than you See a recent post on Tumblr from @lem0nshark-writes about legolas x male reader. # 1 Green Magic (Legolas x Reader) by DeathRevenge 147K 3. i will blend this in with the lord of the rings in the next book (also little bit of Thorin x Bilbo ;3) Shot Through The Heart (Legolas x Reader) Completed 8 months ago E. ” You shook your head. Request: Could you do a Legolas x reader? Idk what happens but something like they are in a battle and reader almost . Read Aphrodite x male!reader from the story Greek gods x reader by _Ale95_ with 9634 reads. Leaning forward, Legolas placed his forehead against yours, closing his eyes. Summary: After being injured in battle, Legolas comes to your aid. 6K 10 She had been a princess all of her life. Discover more posts about legolas x male reader. Shit. “What are you doing?” Title: For All Of Eternity. Request: nope. The two just barely pulled away, both grinning widely. Well, what your describing makes it sound like y/n may have a rare psychic ability found in some elves, much like Lady Galadriel. Yet, tonight, with the loud party raging around you, Legolas took a light step towards you, slightly leaning in. Pairing: Male!Crush x Fem!Oblivious!Reader. I winced. Thranduil x blind reader Twilight x cullen reader Rushing back down the halls, you see a group of elven maids, giggling to themselves, their eyes look you up and down in disgust. “Gimli,” Legolas burped, “Just fell, I won. Summary: A friendship that began when you were only kids can turn into so much more if you give it time, love and a lotta joy. 5 ml gum tragacanth. Summary: Y/n and Legolas have been best friends since they were young, so when Legolas is summoned to the secret meeting, y/n naturally goes along with him. Todoroki x reader lemon (my sick ass is back) Todoroki x reader lemon🍋 (continuing) Todoroki x reader lemon 🍋 New Reading List. Vote. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works 8 hours ago · Aug 21, 2018 · Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia. Suddenly a shoe went flying and hit Dazai’s head. ” Legolas had fallen again, groaning with his eyes squeezed shut, seemingly in a lot of pain. Pairing: Legolas and reader are husband and wife. Fluff at the end ————————————– the now spirit of the forest is summoned by an old friend to reclaim the lonely mountain she used to protect, on the way she make many new friends. Preference: Male partners, but I do accept female role-players as well, if they can play Male Role well. Legolas had found you, lying in the dirt. " (y/n)!" She’s oblivious to most unspoken words. She cringed; saddened that she had been the one to inflict a wound onto him. Warnings: Violence, Blood, Battle Scene, Serious Injury. '' She's not here, isn't she?'' Gandalf baffled to his question and sighed. 9K 32 (Y/n) Lokidottir is the daughter of the infamous god of Mischief, Loki Laufeyson. Y/N reached for another arrow, but her quiver was empty. ” Legolas looked back towards y/n, who was helping the hobbits pack their bags, seemingly oblivious to his conversation. “There may be one thing. Pairing: Legolas x reader. You're so angry at Thranduil, you feel like crying. lem0nshark-writes. It’s more the other vets teasing poor levi and reader to get em together so if that counts as oblivious it’s HERE. (George Weasley x Female!Potter!Reader) Originally posted by slytherweasley (Not my gifs, credit goes to the creators) Main Masterlist. Legolas eyes widened when Gandalf didn't answered. "Mad About You". “Do not act this way y/n, I know you love Aragorn,” he balled his fists as to be ready for the honest blow. Frodo look at Gandalf, concern in his eyes. You could read him like a book maybe that’s why you had a crush on him. Today, y/n and Legolas had settled into a comfortable silence, slightly ahead of the other friends, occasionally discussing the best path forwards. Sure it wasn't that big of a deal, but if someone were to witness a poor, lowly elf attacking the prince- she would most likely be put to death. A traveller from Rhûn by the name of Shiros joins the Fellowship of the Rings. As you near the huge doors that lead out to the forest, you check for guards. - When they get to Mirkwood, that’s when Legolas will start turning up the charm. Thranduil x blind reader Rushing back down the halls, you see a group of elven maids, giggling to themselves, their eyes look you up and down in disgust. “Y/N is a fascinating being isn’t she, I’ve never seen someone so willing to join in on the games of hobbits, her heart is kind, she’s good company. ” “Well, best elf in your case,” Aragorn interjected. Read yandere female venom x male reader (lemon) from the story male reader x fem yandere various by gojira2003 with 16,706 reads. June 11, 2021. Other: There is a gay couple in here because PRIDE, so if you are not comfortable with that, you can either read with . Throughout the time with the Fellowship, he’d been dropping hints, but now he was bringing out the big guns. '' Where is she?'' Yup, he just reach the Valinor and that's the first question he ask. 12-16 oz icing sugar. $ 37. Legolas chuckled as you leant into his touch. Note: My first one-shot on this account in over two years (and the longest one at that)! Didn’t quite finish it (not as much fluff at the end as I imagine you wanted), but I will be happy to do a Part 2 if people want. M Christina “I don’t see why you’re nervous, love,” you raised your eyebrow at Legolas too even though the smirk on your lips betrayed you, “It’s not even your wedding, it’s Aragorn’s. The reader is not fully raped, but is about to be. Warnings: mentions of bruises, slight mentions of spicy themes, language. “Well, of course,” Legolas’ face looked extremely hurt. ” He whispered. Word count . Legolas x reader idontevenknow666. Recent Top. The other one I have linked in my master list is kind of oblivious butnot really now that I think about it (QQ). You were oblivious to your little Hobbit friend scurrying away from his make shift bed, a devious and dangerous plan in his head. Just when I think of running, the door opens and reveals the tall, dark figure that is my flesh and blood. '' Well, um . Caught - Legolas x reader. Legolas tried to keep himself composed as his chest tightened, and ran toward the sound. “I will be home swiftly to see you again. Requested by: Anon Requests: Open Fandom: Harry Potter (Golden Trio Era) Request: ‘ Can you do a female X Reader where the reader is Harry’s twin sister and falls in love with George Wesley?I couldn’t find if this was your main A/N: This was inspired by this imagine by @sassy-imagines Thanks for the inspiration!. Her hands frantically moved Legolas' hand away from his face, revealing the swollen patch of skin. Your heart jumped. the two of you think you’re doing a good job at keeping it a secret, but it’s not that easy. - After the ring is destroyed, Legolas invites her to journey with him and Gimli. That made her free game to any kingdom. Word count: 2322. “Love who?”. ” Then they faced legolas. Gandalf spoke. “I remember everything, I don’t wish to forget a single day. She says yes of course.

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